Report Invasive Species

If you see Japanese Shore Crabs at the beach please report the following information in your “comment”:

1. Location (town and/or name of beach)

2. Type of shore (rocky beach, sandy beach, marsh)

3. Are you following the Long Island Sound Kids Crab collecting techniques? (Twenty-five to 30 people collecting for 20 minutes?)

Japanese Shore Crabs

Female Japanese Shore Crab

Male Japanese Shore Crab



  1. In Newport I found three large Japanese Shore Crab.
    I put chicken on twine and “fish” for them.

  2. Japanese shore crab
    Black Point Beach, East Lyme, CT

  3. I was down at the beach collecting crabs, when I found a bucket full of these crabs that must be the Japanese Shore Crabs. We looked up online pictures to identify and compared it to the ones we found. It was in a harbor on a rocky beach in Westport, CT.

    • Thank for reporting your findings! We appreciate your contribution to this educational project!

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